In the process lies the (he)art

AS denim

“The Process is the Product”.. the latest poem by the clothes designer ‘All Saint’, a favourite label of mine. This video below shows the detailed production process for their denim collection SS13, and what makes them so special. As this short film tells, the process is long. The jeans undergo several stages such as stone wash & spray finishing. At the final stage, the metalwork is tended to by hand and a signature stitched in the shape of the ramskull profile.

I am a great admirer of craftsmanship – of which we are the witnesses. The product of such skilled work, attention and time, can only be admiration and quite frankly – love. It makes for a unique design but also embeds it with something of much greater worth, that is, a sensation and a soul.

And may it be said that, like with any great love, a denim of great cut is the one that leaves your heart a scar.

All Saints is an English designer dated from 1994 on All Saints Road in the little blue-doored area of London called Notting Hill. Since, they have opened stores all over London and internationally. My addiction to the brand came fast after entering one of their grungy ground in Paris. The windows of the store were filled with what has become their iconic sewing machines and believe it or not, it gets even better on the inside.

Here is All Saints homepage where more videos on their production and collections can be found: