Let’s all have a ‘Mad Tea-party’

You know how you sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and have forgotten where you are. Or when you get up in the morning, you are still walking around in your dreams instead of your apartment and you have that strange feeling of alienation and confusion. As if somehow, for a second, your life was just a dream and all that is around you is simply an illusion. Perhaps the notion of life is just in fact the perspective in which we see things most of the time..? And that, when we wake up in all confusion, we have been lent new perspective on our surrounding four wall. Just like when you look at one of those “two images in one” pictures where the young lady can also been seen as the profile of an old man. All it takes is a split second where the eye readjusts its focus, and you see something entirely different. Or perhaps it’s just me…

Polpo Motel

I found this song tucked away in my old archives and remembered a time when it seemed so appropriate. It would appear it is that time of year again. Slight spring fever perhaps. What ever – this track could accompany every single cup of tea in my life and I would never tire of it. I haven’t been able though to find much information on the band Polpo Motel who play this song apart from that they are an electro/indie band that originate from Warsaw (Polen).