Who’s Franky?


I started out by creating an invisible character for a project with the aim of uniting all the people I know, and have yet to meet, through a unknown figure to have in common. I then built on this character who’s initial persona played pranks on people in their everyday life and posted funny pictures of it on social media forums. Franky became a nice ice-breaker of the community which shared work and talent between friends. This character then grew on me and we became friends. I realized that I could talk to my friend about questions I asked myself but didn’t want to be personified by. Because it is incredible how fast our questions and interests are personified by our surroundings and reflected on us. What I did was just to give you all a name for those thoughts.

My friend the invisible Franky, or Franky to me, is a bold character who likes to pick out the interesting bits and pieces of information with little or bad light shining on them. Or just give some inspiration for the road. Franky has a torch to see things from a new perspective and I like that about Franky. Just like me, Franky is an art lover and art is the seed which the discussion springs from; as one of the most basic forms of expression. This is the sounding board and reflecting mirror from which Franky shares ideas and inspiration. What’s your light on things?

I had some great friends to help me out with this project, among them, the great Austrian photographer Simon Bauer who also worked with me to form the initial concept. Creds to my former house mates who modelled for me and for generally being awesome. The project translated into a Facebook fan page which can be viewed through the link Pranky Invisible Franky.